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Workstation Edition helps system administrators keep IT systems up and computer users happy by offering the industry's richest remote-support toolkit. Support staff can often detect, diagnose, and solve problems faster than local support using built-in operating system functions. Background access means the user need not be interrupted during the implementation of solutions.

Product Features

Dashboard » Provides a snapshot view of a remote computer's system activity
Guest Invite » Lets you share a PC's desktop for enhanced collaboration, training, and support
Public Key improvements »

A new centralized interface to help better manage RemotelyAnywhere's use of SSH Public Key authentication keys.

Remote Control » Fast, secure remote control of your host computers desktop and system resources.
File Transfer » Secure and easy file transfer between your local and host computers.
Layered Security » Including 128- to 256- bit SSL encryption.IP-Address lockout, and user and group-defined access permissions.
Server Function » RemotelyAnywhere Workstation Edition and Server Edition come with a valuable set of server tools.
Computer Management » Direct, rapid access a server’s diagnostic toolset.
Computer Settings » View and modify a number of settings on the remote machine.
Scheduling & Alerts » Including scripted, e-mail, or event-triggered alerts.
Performance Monitoring » Easy access to all data performance collected by RemotelyAnywhere.
General Features » Additional RemotelyAnywhere features.
Configuration » All the features of RemotelyAnywhere are fully configurable. Here are just a few of the settings you can adjust.
PDA Remote Control » Remote control and administration functions via wireless PDA.

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View the event logs of the remote machine
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Get a detailed view of any service
and edit it

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Have direct access to a wealth of administrative and diagnostic tools
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