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Network Console is the perfect tool for system administrators to detect, control and deploy RemotelyAnywhere on computers they support.

This application runs on the administratorís PC and allows them to instantly remote control, access and configure any of the computers on the network that have RemotelyAnywhere or LogMeIn Pro installed.

Product Features

Certificate Management » Centrally manage the security certificates on your network.
MSI File Configuration » pre-configure RemotelyAnywhere installation packages and deploy multiple RemotelyAnywhere installations in accordance with a company's installation policies.
Mass deployment » Mass deploy a single local computer's configuration to multiple machines across the network.
Remote Control » Fast, secure remote control of your host computers desktop and system resources.
File Transfer » Secure and easy file transfer between your local and host computers.
Layered Security » Including 128- to 256- bit SSL encryption.IP-Address lockout, and user and group-defined access permissions.
Computer Management » Direct, rapid access a server’s diagnostic toolset.
Performance Monitoring » Easy access to all data performance collected by RemotelyAnywhere.
General Features » Additional RemotelyAnywhere features.
Configuration » All the features of RemotelyAnywhere are fully configurable. Here are just a few of the settings you can adjust.

*The Network Console is a client application designed to be used together with RemotelyAnywhere and/or LogMeIn Pro for centralized access to all the systems you manage both on and off the LAN through a single interface.
Note: Some features of the Network Console are not available for use with LogMeIn Pro.
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Drag and drop computers on your network into the Network Console interface and monitor them
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You can push specific configuration settings to multiple machines across your network
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Distribute a fine-tuned configuration to a selected group of computers
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