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MSI File Configuration

MSI File Configuration: Allows you to pre-configure RemotelyAnywhere .msi files in order to mass deploy them in accordance with the needs of your network environment.

Enhanced control for mass deployments Configurable parameters include end-user access rights, remote control, log settings, Telnet and SSH server, as well as IP address lockout and filter settings.
Improve efficiency, save time This feature saves you from having to re-configure every RemotelyAnywhere installation on your network after the fact.

  MSI File Configuration
  Enhanced control for mass deployments    
  Improve efficiency, save time

*The Network Console is a client application designed to be used together with RemotelyAnywhere and/or LogMeIn Pro for centralized access to all the systems you manage both on and off the LAN through a single interface.
Note: Some features of the Network Console are not available for use with LogMeIn Pro.

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