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Certificate Management

This option allows you to retrieve security certificates from a Certificate Server on your network and copy them to the certificate store of one or multiple RemotelyAnywhere-installed computers on the same network.

Optimized logon speed The browser on your client computer will not prompt you about an unknown Certificate Authority every time you make a secure connection to RemotelyAnywhere.
Automatic CA and computer ID Your client browser will instead recognize the CA certificate and automatically identify the computer you are connecting to. If you install the certificate and establish a secure connection, no warning messages will mean that the connection is verified and you are in fact entering your login credential into a computer you have chosen to trust.

  Certificate Management
  Optimized logon speed  
  Automatic CA and computer ID

*The Network Console is a client application designed to be used together with RemotelyAnywhere and/or LogMeIn Pro for centralized access to all the systems you manage both on and off the LAN through a single interface.
Note: Some features of the Network Console are not available for use with LogMeIn Pro.

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