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Scheduling & Alerts

You can make use of RemotelyAnywhere's scripting capabilities, as well as set up a service to send you E-mail alerts when certain events occur on the remote machine.

System Monitoring This is a powerful feature of RemotelyAnywhere. You can monitor the system based on the performance data collected. You can also define conditions, and actions to be performed.
Email Alerts When log entries matching a certain criteria are entered into any of the event logs you can have RemotelyAnywhere send you email alerts to an email address of your choice.
Task Scheduler View, add and delete scheduled tasks for the remote machine.
Scripting RemotelyAnywhere provides an extension interface in which you can create custom scripts that interact with the system, RemotelyAnywhere and the user.
Scripts Library RemotelyAnywhere comes complete with pre-compiled scripts to help prevent and solve common problems.

  Scheduling & Alerts
  System Monitoring
  Email Alerts
  Task Scheduler
  Pre-compiled script library

*The Network Console is a client application designed to be used together with RemotelyAnywhere and/or LogMeIn Pro for centralized access to all the systems you manage both on and off the LAN through a single interface.
Note: Some features of the Network Console are not available for use with LogMeIn Pro.

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